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Market Trends

Why Mobile Ticketing?

The Paciolan client community serves fans and patrons with the most convenient and delightful experience so that they will come back, again and again. The trends show that we must meet them where they are the most: on mobile devices.

They Do Everything on Mobile Devices

All adults are on smartphones. And we have it with us constantly, 22 out of 24 hours of the time. It’s our photo album, calendar, gaming system, music player, email, social connections, and thanks to over a billion electronic boarding passes last year, we now know that it is also our ticket.

Including, Troubleshooting

73% of us want to do it ourselves. And we can now because our constantly connected lives have trained us to find solutions on our own. The best customer service is the one we don’t have to call.

Share of adults in the United States who owned a smartphone in 2018*.

Broken down by age groups

*Source: Statista

100% Mobile


What's in it for you?

Cost Effectiveness

Digital delivery eliminates incremental costs associated with ticket mailing and printing.


My Account 2.0 empowers fans/patrons to manage their tickets anytime, anywhere.


Connected passes create secure wallet storage through the entire ticket life cycle.

Instant Gratification

SMS delivery, ticket transfers, and add to the digital wallet.

  • Increase Student Attendance

    BGSU doubled student attendance and increased student guest revenue by implementing a new student ticketing system and leveraging Paciolan’s mobile-first enhanced ticket management functionality.

  • Put Fans First

    NC State put fans first when installing My Account 2.0 as the mobile ticket management system but it delivered great results for the athletic department as well.



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We know the challenges of going mobile.

A transformation like this comes with new considerations. We’ve walked many clients through them.

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Mobile Only Playbook

Foundations are important and ours is two-pronged. Preparing for mobile ticketing starts with ticket operations to make sure your office is equipped. Let’s make sure your fans and patrons have what they need.

  1. How to set up your mobile pass for a regular pass, NFC, and parking on iPhone and Android. Download Guide

  2. With SMS delivery, fans and patrons have the option to receive links to their tickets via text message. Connected Tickets in digital wallets can be updated to reflect event or status changes. Mobile Delivery Setup Mobile Email Confirmation Setup

  3. "My Account" has enhanced self-serve features that allow for effortless ticket transfer, digital wallet integration, and view upcoming events. Ticket Transfer Setup Guide Inventory Setup Guide (Pac Platform Clients) My Account 2.0 Guide (Pac Platform Clients)

  4. Utilizing the option of NFC-enabled tickets is entirely contactless. Fans and patrons can easily and securely enter venues by scanning their mobile tickets or have the choice of placing their phone or Apple Watch near a reader. It eliminates the need to search pockets or worry about misplacing paper tickets, plus it helps reduce fraud and assist organizations in better understanding who attends their events. NFC Entry Resource Guides How to Enable NFC Tickets

  5. Mobile ticketing requires consumer training. A solid Mobile Ticketing User Guide section on your website can facilitate learning and troubleshooting as fans and patrons familiarize themselves with new processes and technology. We’ve created a template for you so you don’t have to start from scratch. Like any template - take what you need and fill in the rest to fit your needs. Mobile Ticketing User Guide Instructions Mobile Ticketing User Guide Instructions (PDF) Mobile Ticketing User Guide Text Mobile Ticketing User Guide Visual

Word Around the Community

  • Ashley Yencho, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing

    It’s exciting to be able to execute well-rounded, innovative campaigns for our Spider fans. Pac’s constant innovative and collaborative mindset gave us the confidence to finally launch mobile ticketing exclusively and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far!

    Richmond Spiders Athletics

  • Craig Kelley, Chief Marketing Officer

    Mobile-only is the future of our business. We have had a mobile-first mindset for quite some time. Deciding to be mobile-only on tickets was just a matter of feeling comfortable with the technology and our communication plan. Paciolan has given us the platform to deliver mobile tickets effectively and efficiently.

    University of Southern California

inspiration from the community


Spark MARKETING ideas

Next, announcing and introducing mobile ticketing to your fans and patrons should be clear, compelling, and exciting. Here are some marketing examples to spur ideas.

Marketing kits


Strategically Maximize your reach

Download and utilize the various templates and marketing kits below to take your communication and education of your mobile strategy to your fans and patrons to the next level.

Download Mobile Tickets

Preview + Template + Instructions

NFC Contactless Entry

Preview + Template + Instructions + Artwork

Check-in Model

Preview + Template + Instructions

Account Management

Preview + Template + Instructions + Marketing Kit

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